MathTeam Hosting
Web application hosting and student database solutions for math leagues

Who we are

MathTeamHosting is a web hosting and application development service taylored to the unique needs of math leagues. Considerable secretarial and data-entry work goes on behind the scenes to make a math league run. Our developer will work with your league to reduce that work and get score reports to schools more quickly. To discuss a web based data solution for your league, contact

Why does a math league need a web site?

  • Organizations are expected to have some on-line presence. The question has shifted from "What do we need a web site for?" to "Why don't we have a web site yet?"
  • Students and teachers want to see results. After a contest, most students naturally ask "How did I do?"How long does it take to see how students and teams scored relative to each other? With MathTeamHosting, the answer is about 3 days, because that's how long it takes most coaches to send in their scores.
  • Statistics on item difficulty are easy to generate when the scores are in a database. Contest authors, students, and teachers all benefit from this information.
  • Students and coaches will appreciate having an archive of past contests to use.

What will it look like

The result tables will look similar to the Mandelbrot competition with a few differences:
  • On the results table, the coaches will be able to sort students by name, graduation year, school, or score.
  • Coaches can download results as an excel (CSV) file
  • Statistics are generated for each contest. View the Nassau County Interscholastic Math League stats.Here what you see is just plain text, but a nice histogram can also be created. Next year's version will look even better.
If there is a web designer in your league, let him or her design the site and we'll work the application into that design. If you only have a logo, then just send us the logo and pick a standard template (the NYSML site uses a free CSS template).

Would you like your site to look like The Math League? We think their data entry form is poorly designed and time consuming to use, but if you want a bad design we will make it for you (after we try to talk you out of it)!
Would you like a site like The continental math league? No problem. MathTeamHosting is a hosting and application development company, so everything will be customized to meet your needs. You decide what you want and we build it. We take care of hosting the site, whcih means setting up usernames and passwords and deciding what parts to restrict access to.

How does on-line score reporting work?

Each school in the league will be given a username and password. Coaches log-in to register students and teams before the first meet. They can type the names into a web form or upload a list from a spreadsheet. Once the names are in the database, scores can be entered in a matter of minutes. The Nassau County league appreciated having an eMail reminder sent a few days after a contest was given. After all, the system can only report results if the teams send them in. A number of leagues have had problems with this and an on-line system can help.